Today When Dr. Devra Bogdanovich and Hank Johnson met in person in New York City during Operation #Cassandra, I took notice. They had discussed meeting there for weeks leading up to the Anomaly, and the importance of the need for a face-to-face discussion was clear in their correspondence. This video, or rather this portion of a video labeled &#rsquo;1 of 3,&#rsquo; arrived in my inbox earlier today. The sender, of course, was anonymous, but given the operator&#rsquo;s voice that comes up occasionally, my guess is the video was captured by someone of Eastern European or Russian origin. Visur? Was Ilya Pevtsov having his own staff surveilled? Too soon to tell, of course, but the idea seems worth considering, if only briefly. Of greater interest to me is Devra&#rsquo;s confession... It seems from what we hear in this portion of the video that Devra may have compromised the ethical integrity that caused her to leave the Niantic Project in the first place, and that Visur is engaged in potentially criminal experimentation of high-dose XM on human subjects. As an Ingress agent myself, I think about this subject often... Early during the Niantic Investigation, the topic of the ethicality of being exposed to XM without an understanding of its repercussions was the cause of much conflict, and even lies at the root of the Enlightened/Resistance Factional divide. What are your thoughts on this matter? A passcode, as always, to those who contribute thoughtfully to our conversation. -PAC