Today This is the second page from the new Tycho comic that was delivered to me yesterday. It depicts one of the many moments in Dr. Bogdanovich and Roland Jarvis&#rsquo; escape from the Niantic Facility where ADA&#rsquo;s timely actions kept them on the route she had obviously orchestrated to the finest detail. ADA; At times I envy her. At times I pity her. Most recently, I have begun to question, if not fear her. When Stein Lightman shared his most recent Glyph research, we were finally able to translate the Glyph sequence ADA transmitted to Klue in the direct aftermath of #Cassandra. The Translation is as follows; Open All, Clear All, End All. Open Mind, Open Soul, Open Body. Begin. What is ADA up to? What has she done to Klue, and can she be trusted any longer? Some investigators have suggested that this sequence seems innocuous. To others, it appears to have devastating consequences. I remain unsure, but highly concerned nonetheless. A passcode, as always, to those who meaningfully contribute to our discussion. -PAC